Friday, 14 January 2011

Power cuts

If the residual current device and/or circuit breaker have not been tripped, there may be a power cut in your area. Your local electricity network operator or supplier should be able to tell you if a power cut has occurred and, if so, how long it is likely to last. If there has been a power cut, switch off and unplug any expensive electrical items such as your hi-fi, TV and computer - this will prevent them being damaged when the power returns. If you need to use candles for light, never leave them unattended.
You may be able to claim compensation from your supplier if:
  • the power cut lasts for more than 18 hours, or
  • in one year, you have more than four power cuts of at least three hours each, or
  • you suffer particular hardship as a result of a power cut.
D A Woolgar

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