Sunday, 27 March 2011

The high-tech hairnet that can spot Alzheimer's

A revolutionary ‘hairnet’ that tracks brain waves could speed up the detection of Alzheimer’s.

The device is made up of sensors. As the sensors come into contact with the skull, they are able to pick up patterns of electrical activity linked with the onset of the brain-wasting disease.

Called the Cognition System, the  high-tech hairnet is undergoing trials in the U.S. If these prove successful, the device could be tested in the UK as part of worldwide trials.

The technology could mean drugs that slow disease progression could be given to patients much sooner, keeping them in good health for longer.
At the moment, there is no simple way of diagnosing Alzheimer’s. Doctors often rely on a memory assessment, or relatives’ descriptions of behavioural changes, such as anxiety, irritability or repetitive behaviour.

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