Wednesday, 23 March 2011

How much do you know about storage heating

Dimplex electric storage heating is the
system in the UK after natural gas.
second most popular central heating
BEAB Approved
safety requirements.
The insulation material in Dimplex storage heaters is so efficient it’s
NASA space shuttle
Dimplex storage heaters are manufactured to the most stringentused on the.
Dimplex has been manufacturing storage heaters for over 60 years and is still the
market leader.
The performance of a Dimplex storage heater
Dimplex storage heaters are just one part of the
range of heating appliances
will not deteriorate over’s most comprehensive.
The market penetration of electrically central heated homes is
Specifying Dimplex storage heaters allows for maximum performance with
minimum physical and aesthetic intrusion
Running on off-peak electricity Dimplex storage heaters
will always be cheaper
over a 16 hour day than direct acting heaters on the day-rate.
Electric storage heaters can work as a
part of a system.
stand-alone unit in a single room or as
Dimplex storage heaters, like other electric space heaters are
unbeatable by traditional heating methods.
As electric storage heaters
or planning limitations associated with flues.
Static Dimplex storage heaters have no moving parts and are
for life
100% efficient don’t require a flue, there are none of the regulatorymaintenance-free.
Storage heating systems provide
continuous heat throughout the day,
maintaining a consistent temperature in the building fabric. This helps
any long term building maintenance problems
The latest Dimplex models are smart, with
eliminateassociated with condensation.state-of-the-art anticipatory controls.Electric Storage Heating Facts

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