Friday, 4 March 2011

Students - electrcial safety

According to new research by the Electrical Safety Council, an independent charity committed to reducing deaths and injuries through electrical accidents, a quarter of students surveyed reported potentially dangerous problems with the electrical installation or the electrical appliances supplied by the landlord in their rented home, ranging from exposed live wires to overheating appliances.

Meanwhile, only one-third of students say their landlord has done a Periodic Inspection Report confirming the safety of electrical installation (37%), and just one in five (20%) say the homeowner has had their electrical appliances ‘PAT-tested’ for safety.

What you can do
Take stock of their electrical dangers and bring them to the immediate attention of their landlord – it can be life-saving. Electrical problems account for 8000 reported fires in homes in the UK a year, and cause the majority of electrocution deaths. Yet many students live in housing rife with electrical dangers – often not because they are not aware of them, but because they are unsure of whose responsibility fixing problems belongs to.

Remember: landlords are legally obliged to ensure the electrical wiring and appliances provided as part of the tenancy are safe. You should never have to attempt DIY yourself!

Consider accredited accommodation – accredited accommodation can reduce the risk of shoddy workmanship and electrical dangers.

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