Friday, 25 March 2011

Thousands of charging points to be installed across UK over next two years, Government to say

The scheme is part of a new Carbon Plan, launched today by deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Energy secretary Chris Huhne, which sets deadlines to help turn Britain into a greener economy.
The Government’s plan says it wants to have developed a “nationwide strategy to promote the installation of electric vehicle infrastructure” by June this year.
The 83 page plan commits the Government to overseeing “up to 8,500 charging points installed across the UK by 2013”, costing up to £30million,
It says: “If we are to see large-scale take-up of electric vehicles as a major form of road transport, developing charging infrastructure will be vital”.
The money will pay for charging points in “streets, homes and sites such as car parks and commercial retail and leisure facilities”, the plan says.
The commitment comes despite recent concern about that not enough demand to support more charging points.

The wide-ranging Carbon Plan also commits the Government to setting up a new Green Investment Bank by September next year.

Whitehall will also be mandated to cut central Government emissions by 10 per cent by May next year, to set an example on fuel efficiency.

Homes will be encouraged to let their power suppliers install new energy saving products, such as insulation, and then pay for them over 10 to 15 years through their power bills.

In a joint foreword to the report, Mr Clegg and Chris Huhne, the Climate Change secretary, said the plan shows how the UK will “play our part in the global effort to tackle climate change, and build a green economy”.

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