Monday, 25 April 2011

Hot news from Scunthorpe :)

Gas from rubbish dump to help Tata Steel save money on electricity

GAS generated from a rubbish tip is helping the loss-making Tata Steel works in Scunthorpe make big savings on its electricity bills.
The 10-year deal struck with SITA UK will not only save the steelmaker at least £1.5 million but also make the 2,000-acre site cleaner.
SITA, which owns the landfill site in nearby Dawes Lane, says the deal with Tata is significant and will reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the works by more than 4,000 tonnes a year.
The landfill gas is used to power a gas engine which drives an electrical generator connected to the steelworks' coal handling plant.
Tim Otley, the UK head of energy solutions for SITA, explained: "The gas arises when waste collected from local homes and businesses is buried at the site and degrades and breaks down over time.
"This natural degradation of waste results in the production of methane and carbon dioxide.
"These gasses have traditionally been captured through a network of gas wells and flared off.
"However, by using the gas as a fuel to drive a series of engines, which in turn drive a generator, SITA UK is able to put the gas to better use in the production of electricity.
"This is an excellent example of how we can put waste to good use.
"In Scunthorpe we are helping Tata Steel to reduce the impact of its net carbon emissions and save money on the price of energy."
The electricity supply from the landfill site to the steelworks will eventually be enough to power the equivalent of more than 1,800 homes.
The Scunthorpe waste site, which opened in 2005, collects between 50,000 and 60,000 tonnes of rubbish a year and has the capacity to cope with a further 1.5 million cubic metres.

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