Thursday, 28 July 2011

The great laundry divide

ready for a bit of maN BASHING???

ok here goes..

Men are said to be more in touch with their fem side than ever before.

laundry remains woman's work as a survey has revealed that a fifth of British men don't know how to use their washing machine.

Commissioned by energy giant npower 3,000 men and women across the UK were quizzed over the household appliances they find most difficult use.

Many men admitted that could not put on a basic washing load while 11 per cent claim to be 'unable to operate' an iron. In addition one in ten believed that they wouldn't know how to use the cooker or oven.

the study revealed that women are less comfortable working electrical appliances and gadgets in the home.
 Baffled: Four in ten women say items such as the family games console and the DVD player leave them perplexed
Just over a fifth of said they are left baffled when attempting to use wireless routers, having no idea how to a manage internet connections or even switch it on.

so there you have it... we have smelly unironed clothes, but we can get on the internet... weird world eh!!!

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