Friday, 9 September 2011

cheapest energy tariff - act now!!!

With the nights drawing in and temperatures soon to drop we will all be using more electricity and gas to light and heat our homes.
Making sure you’re paying the cheapest energy tariff is a must. Using comparison websites you can easily switch to save money, particularly if you’ve been with your supplier for a long time.
However, there is no point saving money on your bill if you end up using more energy because it is leaking out of your house.
One of the simplest ways to save money, and help the planet, is to implement energy-saving measures around your home. Improvements can make your home more energy efficient and many can be carried out relatively cheaply.
New EU legislation on energy performance certificates is set to come into effect in 2012 and will make it compulsory for energy ratings to be published in all “homes for sale” adverts. So if you move in years to come you will also have made your home more desirable by implementing some energy-efficient measures.
The Energy Saving Trust (EST) says savings of £300 a year can be made through insulation, improving your heating system and by being energy efficient.

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