Tuesday, 27 September 2011

electric vehicle sat nav

Dutch satellite navigation company TomTom has unveiled its first navigation system designed for electric vehicles.
The Carminat TomTom Z.E. Live, which will be featured on Renault electric vehicles bearing the Z.E. name, is a collaboration to extend TomTom's navigation product to electric cars.
It uses information received from other parts of the car such as the battery to help plan and optimize routes for all-electric motoring, including telling the driver whether they have enough range to complete a given journey.
Routes can also be planned using 'eco-routing', which automatically selects the most energy-efficient way to complete the journey.
In case a stop is needed on the way, the Carminat TomTom Z.E. Live also contains a list of over 5,000 European charging stations, providing information in real-time about the availability of stations so that drivers can stop and 'fill-up' when necessary.

lets hope it takes you the most efficient route to save a bit of battery power too

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