Friday, 23 September 2011

Opel peers into electric car future with the One Euro

The world’s economies are still in major turmoil, and it does not look as though there is going to be a quick and painless solution in sight anytime soon. Well, this is the result of spending for so many decades without closing in the gap on the deficit for the majority of countries out there. Having said that, the cost of living looks set to increase all the time, and transportation costs do not look likely to drop, either. You might be able to own a car now, but can you afford the fuel?

Hybrid cars as well as electric vehicles could very well be the future so that we will be less dependent on the reserves of ‘black gold’ that are sitting underneath most countries in the Middle East. Opel certainly knows this, which is why they intend to shape the future with their version of an electric car, which is the One Euro. This particular model will be able to seat two (it definitely looks sleek enough to impress more than a single date, especially when you take this for a cruise down the hottest stretch in town on a Saturday night), but it won’t be able to go fast mind you.

Debuting at the 64th Frankfurt International Motor Show, the Opel One Euro was not named so because Opel intends to make a massive loss by selling it for just a single Euro – no sir, the reason behind that moniker is because it is capable of traveling a distance of 100 kilometers at the cost of a single Euro. That’s right, no gimmicks behind this claim, just pure fuel savings, zero emissions and sleek styling and design.

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