Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Will electric cars ever be the future?

How many electric vehicles have you seen actually seen on the road? I am not talking about Milk floats. I mean real cars. Do you know anyone who actually uses them as real day-to-day alternatives to petrol or diesel cars?

The trouble is, electric vehicles have always been talked about as the future, but have never quite been able to deliver the practical and economical benefits that are going to take them from being produced in the hundreds, or even thousands, to being produced in hundreds of thousands.

Engineers at Ford predict that by 2025 the electric car market will be between 3 to 10% of cars on the road. Whilst some may see this as slightly pessimistic, until the two major factors of practicality and economics are truly addressed, electric vehicles may always be up and coming, but unfortunately will never arrive.

We will see the amazing this will be if we have a transformation such as in photography… how many of you still use a film camera.

Food for thought.

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