Friday, 18 November 2011

$31,753 for a new battery Oops!

Nissan looks to be king of the hill for Electric cars
Leaf  could be said to be an affordable car for a family of five. However, glaring factors to think about

The Times, (UK) says a replacement battery for the Leaf costs a staggering $31,753. This statistic was calculated when Andy Palmer, Nissan Great Britain senior vice-president, told The Times that to replace one module in the 48-module battery pack, would cost approximately $662.

Service on electric vehicles is fairly tedious. Derrick Morrison, a former auto mechanic for Chevrolet, said that more certification and specialized safety training goes into maintenance for electric vehicles.
“It gets more technical," he said. "You’re not just dealing with the basic gas-powered engine. You’re dealing with a lot of cables. It’s definitely more challenging.”

However, according to Morrison, the cost of services and repairs is, on average, the same as that of a petrol / gasoline -powered car.

The typical electric car isn’t for one who commutes frequently.

According to Nissan, the Leaf will go about 100 miles on a seven-hour charge in ideal driving conditions. In commuting situations, its range drops to about 68 miles. Smart USA recently released a new 100 percent electric version of the Smart Car, which goes about 63 miles on a full eight-hour charge. This statistic reflects ideal driving conditions as well, not those of a typical commute.

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