Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The carbon Trust

As part of this, the Carbon Trust Implementation Services is launching a supplier accreditation scheme for equipment suppliers with experience in designing and installing energy efficient measures.

A survey by the Carbon Trust shows 76 per cent of companies are more concerned than they were six months ago by the rising energy costs and the knock on effects to their business.

A spokeswoman for the Carbon Trust said: ‘With double digit price rises expected in energy bills over the next three years, there is real concern about its impact on businesses.

‘The new business will provide independent, objective advice and evaluation of energy efficiency and renewable projects; access to trusted, accredited suppliers to deliver the work and help planning funding for these projects. Most importantly, this is available at no up-front cost to a company, making it simple and easy to adopt.’

As part of the the Carbon Trust invites partners to get involved in the scheme. Benefits include the opportunity to bid for prescreened tenders with companies ready to invest in new projects, access to market and policy insights from the Carbon Trust and the opportunity to use the Carbon Trust accreditation in marketing to win new business.

Myles McCarthey, chief at Carbon Trust Implementation Services, said: ‘Over thee last ten years, the Carbon Trust has helped thousands of organisations implement cost effective energy efficiency measures, which have paid for themselves within a year years.

‘We know many more companies are concerned about rising energy costs and want to act, but need help planning and delivering these projects. We are seeking high quality suppliers to help us unlock the £9 billion investment in energy efficient equipment that we estimate is needed for UK companies to replace old, inefficient equipment and systems with modern, low energy, cost saving alternatives.’

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