Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Energy saving - lighting

The average house creates about six tonnes of CO2 a year. Of this lighting makes up 15 % of this. So what can you do to reduce your impact on the environment? Below are 5 simple tips to help you reduce your carbon emissions and your electricity bill.

Reduce your UsageTurn off all lights when not in use. Use task or special purpose lighting to supplement general lighting wherever possible

Switch to Energy Saving lampsWhilst the initial cost of energy saving lamps might be more expensive, they offer immense savings in energy costs, they have a much longer life span and require much less maintenance

Consider Lighting ControlsPeople often forget to turn off lights when leaving rooms, automatic lighting such as PIRs, timer switches and dimmer switches can make a large impact on your energy consumption

Have separate switches for separate lightsAvoid having several lights activated by one switch, by having separate switches you will only use the specific lights you require

Take advantage of Natural LightBy brightening the colour of interior walls that receive good daylight you can reduce the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours

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