Monday, 21 November 2011

Its Christmas

Well, not quite yet, but we here at D A Woolgar have guessed that in the next two weeks / weekends you will be venturing up to the loft or into the garage to get out your festive gear.

we love christmas too, but dont forget
  1. all those extra lights ramp up your bill
  2. check your lights for damage before you wrap em round the tree and house. it’s a good idea to check they are safe to use before you add them to the tree.
  3. If your house doesnt have an RCD (earth trip) we suggest you get an RCD adaptor
  • Make sure there are no broken bulbs and no visible loose wires
  • Replace any bulbs which may have blown
  • Check you are using the right size fuse for the lights by checking the packaging and looking at the fuse
  • Do not overload any sockets
  • Switch off the Christmas lights when leaving the house or going to bed to avoid over heating
  • Make sure over Christmas decorations which may easily burn such as paper, are kept away from the bulbs
if you are buying new or upgrading, we suggest you get LED's, consider fitting a timer on the lights

so please - Sparkle not spark this Christmas

have a great Christmas... :)



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