Saturday, 10 December 2011

Much ado about nothing methinks.

I don’t get all this waffle about the EU veto / opt out. the only peaple who really care about it are the political commentators, no one in the pub really cares and they are the ppl who fund the eurozone (beer taxes etc)

I am neither Pro or against Europe.

It does seem that the PM was right, as most of the capital raised would come out of the UK due to the City of London being where a lot of it all happens

I have long worried about some of the rules that we have been tied into, many of them stupid, some of them ridiculous and many of them other countries blatantly flouting. Again, nothing will change, as we are not opting out of these rules, just the new ones, a kind of oki koki politics

Anyone who says we will be in isolation obviously has no concept of the EU at all. The EU is an ineffective old boys club. It’s expensive and doesn’t have teeth. Well if it does, it only has a menacing growl and a gummy bite.

So now, Germany and puppet Sarkozy has a new euroclub, one it has to fund virtually on its own. Do I care? Not really. Will it affect our ability to trade? Not really! As long as we have products ppl need, things will carry on regardless. Unfortunately once ppl realise this the question will be, why did we pay so much to be in this ‘old boys’ club. we didnt even get a membership tie and an aire of superiorority

For years, people have talked about a British veto. For years, it has existed as a threat never used. Not any more.

Although new central control mechanisms are supposed to be like a shock absorber / buffer this does not solve the Euro crisis, it merely makes the likelihood of the current problems recurring unlikely. There are still deep-seated problems related to governments acting like teenagers receiving their first pay packet and blowing the lot on beer.

As time goes by just watch how other European voters begin to react. Already the Swedes are beginning to realise that they may be better out than in; when others reflect on the cost of giving up more sovereignty they will then begin to behave in unpredictable ways.

Time will tell on this one! However, don’t worry, you, and I won’t even notice the difference?

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