Monday, 2 January 2012

Back to the serious stuff I am afraid - today Cables

What markings should I look for on cable, how can I be sure it’s compliant?
To help safeguard against the risk of installing cable which is substandard, contractors should ensure that the cable supplied by the distributor is the correctly specified cable and check the markings on insulation or the cable sheath - not just the packaging.  BASEC has a simple guide to help contractors check their cable markings.
Look for:
Independent third party approval such as BASEC or HAR
Name of cable manufacturer - their identification stamp
Standard number the cable should be made to (BS)
Purchase records – keep them!
Environment – ensure the cable is compliant for its use
CE marking on packaging
Traceability information to track cable through supply chain
Make sure checks are made on delivery to ensure it complies before installation.  If a company installs unsafe cable, not only do they risk costs that could put them out of business but they will have also contravened health and safety regulations

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