Monday, 9 January 2012

Homes not houses

Grand Union Housing Group’s Chief Executive, Alan Humphreys, has called for the Government to stop thinking of houses as just properties and start thinking of them as our homes.

In response to Housing Minister Grant Shapps’ comments on the Government’s housing strategy in a recent edition of Inside Housing, Alan Humphreys said: “We need to get people to start thinking of their homes as just that, somewhere they are happy to live, and not as a potential investment which will continually increase in value.”

“Good quality affordable housing is vital for the wellbeing of individuals and the country as a whole and far too important to be treated merely as an investment opportunity for some.“
Mr Humphreys also repeated the sector’s call for the Government to build more homes.
“The simple truth is that we need to build more homes and in particular more affordable homes, any measures which help us do this have to be welcomed.”


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