Friday, 17 February 2012

Comments made by OTHERS on electric cars!!!!

You drive a new car off the forecourt and it loses half its value. That's the old adage but it still people buy new cars. However there is a booming market in used cars and even 10 year old cars with a few repairs still have years of life left in them . An electric car on the other hand if bought second hand at 3 years old will not have the range it had when new and in all likelihood will need a new battery . If you bought a used car and it needed a new engine it may set you back £1500 but if you need a new battery for your used electric car it will cost you more than a second hand car and thats on top of the cost of the car. They also quote "economy 7" electricity when giving charging costs and this can double when ordinary electricity tariffs are used . Then after a year it loses 20% of its range sometimes more . This situation is going to get far worse before it gets better .I can see 5 year old electric cars being scrapped because they won't sell at any price

An electric car is a complete waste of money, To be viable a car has to be able to go at least 400 miles at night ,in the winter,in the rain,using lights windshield wipers and heater .If it wont do that then forget buying an electric car . On top of the cost of the car, nobody can say how long the batteries will last and how much to replace them. An utterly useless form of transport except around town

comment please!!!!!!!!!!!!

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