Wednesday, 15 February 2012

More from the Top Gear team on elec cars

Good ol floppy haired James May highlighted the possibility that cars can be unplugged while charging at a public charging point.

In Sunday’s Top Gear episode, during the regular car news round-up, May showed the audience a picture of the upcoming pure-electric 2012 Renault Fluence Z.E. – or, as he called it, “the ‘Influenza’…or something a bit like that” – before helpfully highlighting the fact that plug-in cars can also be… wait for it… unplugged.

“I was wondering,” May mused, “when, in the future when we’re all driving electric cars, as they all tell us we will, the cities are full of these charging points, won’t 10-year-old boys just go around unplugging cars, because that’s what we would have done when I was 10.”

Not one to fail to rise to the banter, indomitable co-presenter Jeremy Clarkson quipped, “Do you have to be 10? Why wouldn’t you do that aged, I don’t know, 52? You would, wouldn’t you?”

so wait for the first court case to give a 10 years old a supervision order for 'malicious unplugging', his (or her) defence will be.. James May told me to do it...

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