Thursday, 2 February 2012

Our Oki LED printer

I questioned why, when the spec say 20k pages, our image drum averages just over 10k pages per drum.

we got the this rather convoluted reply

The image drum specification of  20,000 is based  on 3 pages per job, simplex ,A4.

If you do just  1 page jobs , simplex,  A4 , you will get approx 12000.

If you do a mix of 1,2,3,4 page/job then you will get somewhere in between 12-20 K.

If you do double sided printing (duplex) the page count  only counts 1 page but the drum  count is doubled (as print is on both sides)

Also turning the printer off/on or opening closing the covers   will use up the drum life but not count toward the  page count .This is because  the printer has to go through a warm up cycle which rotates the drums.

all I can say, is please quote me actual realistic numbers, not 'broaband' figures (maximaum spped will be 20 meg, but you will actually get 5.5 meg...),urumph

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