Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Spintronics would create electronic devices with no electrical currents

Today, electronic devices rely on electrical currents to store and process data. However, electrical currents produce heat and energy losses, a major problem challenging continued innovation.
Heat is physically harming the device

As devices become smaller, the insulators become smaller as well,, When the insulators are smaller, leakage currents occur.

The IRG team explores the spin of electrons and the exploitation of their properties to store data. The team coordinated by Binek involves a number of researchers of different disciplines.

Binek has worked closely with Peter Dowben, a chemistry, physics and astronomy professor who analyzes interface properties and measures magnetization at the surface, and Kirill Belashchenko, a physics and astronomy professor and an electronic structure theorist who is working on building models that can be verified experimentally.

"Nebraska has one (MRSEC, funded by the National Science Foundation) and should be very proud of it," Binek said.

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