Monday, 5 March 2012

An alterative to EV range anxiety

It’s true. Study after study shows that most people don’t drive more than about 30 miles a day. The range issue could be at least partially solved at any time and without new technologies.

but what about some new thinking!!!! there is that occasional longer trip, planned or unplanned, that drivers fear will happen. If they happen to own an additional and conventional car, that vehicle can always be used, provided there’s some planning ahead. But a second vehicle wouldn’t always work for those emergency or unplanned trips. Recharging along the way? Even it weren’t for the time involved, a charging network to meet all the needs of electric motorists is a long, long way away. There aren’t charging stations on energy street corner in other words, and may never be.

At least for planned longer trips here’s one idea. Electric car dealers could offer free Long Distance Loaner Vehicles for electric car owners.

Dealers could have conventional petrol vehicles available for electric vehicle drivers who know they need to make a trip longer than their EV’s range. Drivers would just reserve a regular car as little as a few hours in advance. When they needed the car they’d just drop by the dealer, leave their electric car (for a wash and recharge to sweeten the experience), grab the loaner and make the long trip. On return they’d drop the car off. Hop in their fully charged, clean EV and go home.

A few points to mention:
  • Rental car companies could offer this service under contract with the electric vehicle manufacturers.
  • Reservations could be made through smart phone apps, or even through a communications link in the EV itself.
  • this scheme would make an electric car more of attractive option

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