Sunday, 22 April 2012

ELECTRIC CARS wont decrease in price for “some years”

will not decrease in price for “some years”, according to Audi’s senior executive in charge of alternative energy development, Frank Van Meel.

Mr Van Meel said that the cost of ownership of electric cars and their components would come down but it would not happen in the near future. He said the pace of change for all alternative energy motoring projects was slow because so many factors came into play, such as the ease of charging electric batteries, infrastructure, and social and political considerations.

Every country had different considerations and for that reason car companies had to be ready with several solutions to alternative energy sources, he said. “America is now moving towards diesel, while China is still a petrol-consuming economy. There are different issues in different parts of the world when it comes to issues like emission, noise, and oil imports,” he added.

He was speaking after Audi released details of several projects it is working on, including a new charging system for electric vehicles. Audi is working on fitting charging plates into the ground below parking spaces, so that an adapted electric car can simply drive into a space in a purpose-built car park and be charged automatically.

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