Wednesday, 16 May 2012

$100,000 electric car catches fire in the garage

A luxury electric car is claimed to be the source of a fire which engulfed the owner’s new mansion causing hundreds of thousands dollars’ worth of damage.

Jeremy Gutierrez had  parked his brand new Fisker Karma car in his garage - on the ground floor of the property -  just minutes before it allegedly set alight and caused the ensuing house fire in Sugar Land, Texas.  (cool place name)

Although local investigators have ruled that the vehicle started the fire, the car's manufacturers have said that 'fraud or malicious intent' remain possibilities

Robert Baker, Fort Bend County’s chief fire investigator, has said that the car was the origin of the blaze, ruled that the fire was accidental but said the cause of the fire is still unknown.

I wonder who is right.... with the KERS fire in the Williams (F1) garage over the weekend, maybe this is another thing we have to consider??!??!!?!?!?!

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