Monday, 7 May 2012

Fire safety, 5 common sense tips

PROTECTING YOUR FAMILYThere are many steps you can take to prevent your home form the devastating effects of fire.  Here are our TOP FIVE TIPS.
1. Ensure your property has working smoke alarms.  As a minimum we recommend 1 smoke alarm per floor, ideally these should be sited in both the hallway and the landing.  REMEMBER TO TEST YOUR ALARM WEEKLY - try linking this to another weekly event i.e. putting the wheelie bin out for collection.

2. Prepare an escape plan so everyone in your home knows how to escape in the event of a fire.  Also consider a safe meeting point if your escape routes are blocked.

3. Encourage a routine of conducting checks around your home each night. This should include switching off any electrical appliances (e.g. TV's) that are not in use, safely disposing of ash trays in a suitable bin and closing ALL internal doors.

4. Take extra care when cooking using hot oils.  Consider replacing your chip pan with a deep fat fryer which uses a thermostat to control the heat.

5. REMEBER DON'T DRINK AND FRY! - drunk cooking is BAD!

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