Friday, 4 May 2012

Wii U

I must admit, its with a bit of a squed perception as we (my family and I) only own the Wii and it has served us well. I dont have an X box 360, 720 or 1080??? we dont have a Playstation 3 and nothing more than the sense of fun our Wii has provided and the expectations of the new spec, we say that the Wii U set to be this 2012’s top seller?

will it be the best selling gift of Christmas 2012? e say yes!

we cant blieve the original was launched way back in 2006. in need of an update? definately

Wii U has a number of expected improvements

added to the pair of wireless Bluetooth 3-axis motion controllers, new dimension as the controllers are based on either side of a 6.2 inch screen and are circular analogue pads.

The Wii controllers require batteries to function whereas the Wii U controller can be recharged and can work as a secondary display with the TV, by itself, or alongside reality style games.

The Wii U controlling also has a microphone and a front facing camera that can be used for gaming and video communication. The Wii U also has touch screen capabilities to match the advanced competition of other manufacturers.

When comparing the consoles, the Wii was the smallest console Nintendo had ever made and can easily fit between books in a bookcase or be hidden away in a cupboard and it stayed cool enough to keep working.

I think we need a choice of colours - Whilst the Wii U is slightly larger than the Wii it is still much smaller than other consoles

The Wii aimed to provide great game play that was fun and enjoyable and this meant graphics were not given as much attention. To rectify this, the Wii U has improved its graphics incredibly and the console has full HDMI connectivity, a full 1080p HD output and uses an IBM Power multi-core microprocessor improve things

The Wii U also enables its users to video call using the control pad and content such as pictures and videos can be shared and viewed on the television. Other consoles feature similar assets – such as the PlayStation 3’s Blu-Ray drive, Nvidia RSX graphics, cell processor, built in hard-drive and built in Wi-Fi –but with Nintendo introducing new details to the Wii U all the time, we say it will be the number one console this Christmas.

what do you say??? right or wrong??? we will see at E3..

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