Saturday, 2 June 2012

HM Queen Elizabeth II - Diamond Jubilee

We love the Queen. Though we like Oliver Cromwell for bringing in the licencing of Taxi's, at heart D A Woolgar are royalists. On that note we would like to tribute to your 60 year reign.

you work tirelessly for little or no thanks, but we would wholeheartedly like to say thank you.

enjoy the coming days.

oh! and if you ever want any jobs doing in Buckingham palace or Windsor (the others are a bit far for us to travel to) drop us a line, or get one of your people to.

we do a nice line in LED lighting that does not emit any UV and limits temperature rise of display cabinets to less than 1 deg


Have a great day, we hope you win at the races (bet on the one with the pink shirt) and hope to be waving to you from the banks of the Thames on Sunday.

God Bless You.

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