Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Off topic – American Italian plumbers and the Wii U

We love Super Mario, but we are not quite sure where the ‘super’ come from. Having said that, we are casual gamers having not even finished Mario Galaxy and the Wii is a lil bit forlorn in the corner on the whole untouched.

We see with interest that there will be a new Mario game to go with a new Nintendo console. Not much of a surprise eh!
To be honest he’s more than a company mascot, his lush moustache and bulbous nose make up the face of gaming for about half HM the queens rein. He’s up there in ‘bigger then the Beatles’ territory

In that time, he’s got better - from sprites to polygons, to eerily lifelike motion-capture performances. Even so, he remains a cartoon and we like his primary-coloured mix

He’s clearly got a dark side – as anyone who's been on the wrong end of a blue shell in a Mario Kart game can tell you. – reminds me, must finish that game too :)

I have a two year old at home, and I know I can trust Mario: he might make me curse, but he's never going to start CODing and blowing up the place with rocket-propelled grenades or biting at my Jugular

In defence of Elise, we are probably due for an equality adjustment – just 'Who does Princess Peach save?'

There’s a lot to be said for its sense of endearing innocence. Just as long as Tendo don’t turn him into a troubled anti-hero, plagued with grief and loss, situated in a gothic future

We are looking forward to the pre Christmas arrival of Wii U, and we just hope we can afford it…
Lets see if it’s a success, you are probably saying, I got a phone in my pocket that does all I need with less fuss and less expense?

So in this life-or-death struggle do we think Mario will back in the lounge jumping around like loons laughing as a family or will we all be like a 12-year-old boy, getting neck ach hunched over an isomething?

For our sakes, we hope the Wii is a success, just to get us laughing again…

It's a lot for one immigrant plumber to do, but if anyone can, he can…

I've yet to find a game on my phone that is as purely and utterly joyful or as much sheer fun as something like Super Mario Galaxy. Therefore, you already have one vote…

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