Friday, 15 June 2012

What's an e-bomb???

The UK needs to defend itself against an electromagnetic pulse-based ‘E-bomb’ that could knock out all electronic systems, so says the defence secretary.

Traditional defences based on “infantry or jet planes” would not be enough to protect the country from such an attack, and that Britain needs to spend money on building its digital defences.

One of the challenges we face, particularly at a time of limited resources, is to make the case for spending on defence and security solutions that cannot readily be seen by the public – that cannot be shown off in the parade ground – that could be digital, not necessarily physical,

Security experts at the 3rd Electric Infrastructure and Security Council (EIS) Summit – which will focus on securing the electric grids of the US and its allies – are expected to say that the risk of a rogue state using an E-bomb to attack is on the increase.

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