Monday, 23 July 2012

Height of a fuse box???

Are there any particular requirements relating to the mounting height or location of consumer units for electrical installations in new dwellings?

The provision of access to consumer units is not specifically covered by Building Regulations or BS 7671. However, consumer units need to be so located as to enable reasonable access by the users, including for the purpose of testing the RCDs at regular intervals, and in case of emergency.
BSI Draft for development DD 266: 2007 – Design of accessible housing: Lifetime homes – Code of practice, explains how, by following the principles of inclusive design, general needs housing can be made sufficiently flexible and convenient to meet the existing and changing needs of most households, and so give disabled and older people more choice over where they live.
Amongst other things, the code of practice recommends that meters and consumer units should be mounted 1200 mm to 1400 mm from the floor so that the readings and switches can be viewed by a person standing or sitting, and should be positioned to be accessible.

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