Sunday, 1 July 2012

More on the Wii U

The most important visual spec is probably this one: up to 1080p support. The Wii U finally brings Nintendo into the high-definition

Yay!!! streaming movie playback topping the list — but above all, it means we’ll no longer be subject to blurry, interpolated video because of a mismatch between the system’s visual output and a flatscreen TV’s native resolution.

Even if, the Wii U is only “as powerful” or “slightly more powerful than” current-gen systems, I don’t see the problem. I never hear anyone complain that iPad games don’t look as good as PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 ones, for instance, or that PC games

Nobody cares, well a few have this rather narrow minded “mine’s bigger than yours” minority. As long as it looks good, most of us just don’t care.

We like the idea of an optical drive (25GB discs) what do you think Microsoft and Sony plan??? No other option!!! Games aren’t getting any smaller and there’s still the question of Internet access to consider. Don’t forget that some ISPs are moving backwards when it comes to data caps and cracking down on monthly limits. If you’re in a pay-as-you-go situation, as many people I know are, the last thing you want is a game system you can’t play games on because it’s download-only — here comes the new Zelda-whatever, and you’re at your monthly ceiling.

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