Friday, 20 July 2012

Regs - Meter tails

Do ‘meter tails’ concealed in walls or partitions need to be protected in accordance with Regulations 522.6.101 and/or 522.6.103?

Yes. Meter tails concealed in a wall or partition at a depth of less than 50 mm from a surface must be protected in accordance with Regulation 522.6.101 Also, irrespective of the depth from a surface, meter tails concealed in a wall or partition having internal metallic parts (except nails and screws, etc) are subject to the requirements of Regulation 522.6.103
However, additional protection for meter tails by means of an RCD is not an acceptable option in respect of Regulation 522.6.102 (which in consequence rules out reliance on 522.6.101(v), routing in the ‘safe zones’ alone), or in respect of Regulation 522.6.103(v). Also, for TT systems, the only option remaining is to provide suitable mechanical protection (that is, to comply with Regulations 522.6.103(iv) and/or 522.6.101(iv) as appropriate).

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