Sunday, 15 July 2012

You’ve plugged it in but it hasn’t come on.

Check that the problem is the socket. Do this by plugging an appliance that you know is working into the socket. Also try other sockets to see whether the problem is with one or, as will probably be the case, several sockets.

Appliance – if it is the appliance, check the plug and try replacing the fuse. If this does not work, the appliance may need to be repaired or replaced.

Socket – find and open your fusebox. Check the circuit breaker for that particular socket’s circuit. You will also need to check the residual current device (RCD).

The circuit breaker and/or the RCD may have turned themselves off due to a faulty appliance being plugged in. You won’t be able to reset the devices until the faulty item has been unplugged.

If you are not sure which one caused the problem, unplug them all. Reset the circuit breaker and/or RCD. Then plug each appliance back in, one by one, until you find the faulty item that trips the switch again. If you can’t reset the circuit breaker or RCD with everything disconnected, I am afraid you will need to call us!!!.

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