Friday, 24 August 2012

Letting Dog Eat Plug And Cable

Janette Milne Pleads Guilty To Animal Cruelty After Letting Dog Eat Plug And Cable
A woman has admitted failing to seek veterinary attention for her dog who had to be put down after swallowing an electrical plug and cable.

The English bull terrier, named Henry, was put to sleep because by the time he saw a vet he could not be treated, the Scotland Charity for the Welfare of Animals (SPCA) said.

Janette Milne, 28, from Inverness, pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering at the city's sheriff court and will be sentenced next month. She was prosecuted following a Scottish SPCA investigation.

Senior inspector Gill MacGregor said: "Henry was in extremely poor condition when I visited Milne's property in August 2011 and after being taken to a vet, an X-ray revealed he had ingested an electrical plug and cable.

"Milne had failed to seek the veterinary treatment Henry desperately needed and, as a result, he was caused a great deal of pain and suffering.

"Unfortunately, Henry's condition was so advanced that the vet had no option but to put him to sleep.

:( please look after your dog (and cat, & kids)

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