Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Lotus Electric Car To Go Team

The Evora 414E certainly shows a lot of potential, the company hasn’t committed to building it on yet but rumors of Infiniti Emerg-E and Alpine Renault abound

One of the most puzzling question is why hasn’t Lotus made an electric car, or at least a plug-in hybrid?

They have everything going for them, the right philosophy of lightness and robustness, the right racing heritage and experience building light, fast and competitive cars for other makers. In fact, Lotus is no stranger working with different carmakers, having borrowed classic Renault gearboxes and engines to power its first road units. So why have they not given the obvious, a light electric car, EV or plug-in hybrid, PHEV?

They Have, And They Haven’t. Lotus is still playing coy when it comes to committing to building an electric car or plug-in hybrid. The prototype Lotus Evora 414E certainly packs interesting features and shows not only interest form the company but a realistic platform.

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