Sunday, 12 August 2012

Off topic, post Olympics - Thats it - Rio next

In the Atlanta Games in 1996, the British team won a grand total of one gold medal, and 15 in all.
The following year, National Lottery funding was injected directly into elite Olympic sports for the first time.
The return was instant. In the Sydney Games of 2000, the British team won 11 golds - the first time Britain won more than 10 golds since the Antwerp Games in 1920 - and 28 medals in total.

Athens in 2004 saw a similar return, the last games before the Olympic Committee awarded the 2012 games to London.

Investment in Olympic sports in the UK immediately rocketed in preparation for the country's first games since 1948, and again the return was both immediate and spectacular - the British team won 19 golds and 47 medals in total in Beijing in 2008.

2012 - the results were obvious beating the Beijing total by day 11 with 5 more days of competition to go...

conclusion = if you want medals in Rio 2016, we need to keep investing in our sportsmen and women.

only 1445 days to wait n see!!!!

it will be harder next time as the last 4 years have been in global recession. if other conuntries invest more they will up thier game too.

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