Saturday, 6 October 2012

LoveFilm vs Netflix, what best for me???

We are currently with Love Flim, we get 2 disks @ a time and I never get time to watch them. I watch them after they have been staring uip at me from the table after a couple of weeks, so I am not really getting valufe for money...

I am thinking about getting a streaming service only. have you got it??? and whats it like???

I have been told that if I want recent releases, they are a bit thin on the ground

anyone heard of HMV online movie service? or dont you want to risk it as the could go pop any moment

There's no doubt that streaming video is cheaper? but is it just like buying a budget car? you just gert less??

Is HD (Netflix) quality essential???

Am I just going to end up with a half-stocked supermarket DVD sections

I think my main worry is all / or most of their stuff will be in the post-DVD window

is Netflix or LoveFilm just a supliment (i.e. - an additional cost, not a saving)

Netflix looks the simpler, more user-friendly service..

The technology's here, but the content hasn't quite caught up with it yet.

what are your experiences???

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