Wednesday, 2 January 2013

MOT your home

MOT your home - 2 simple options

Visual condition reports (guide price £45 ex VAT)
A visual condition report will include the results of the inspection of
the electrical installation.
A visual condition report does not include testing, so the inspection
is not likely to find hidden damage to equipment (for example,
damage to cables and joints).
Usually, a visual inspection report is only suitable if the installation
has been tested in the last couple of years, and the results were
reported (on an electrical installation certificate or an electrical
installation condition report) as being satisfactory (good enough).
An example of the front cover of a visual condition report

Electrical installation condition reports (guide price £135 ex VAT)
In general, we recommend an electrical installation condition report
rather than a visual condition report. This is because testing will give
you more information about the condition of the electrical
installation, particularly the presence of hidden damage to
equipment, such as cables and joints.
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