Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Who should carry out the three-hour test on emergency lighting?

Question: BS 5266 Part 8 2004 specifies that it is no longer required for six monthly tests to be carried out on emergency lights by a contractor, provided that monthly tests are carried out by a competent person employed by the company - and the results recorded.
If that is the case, who is responsible for carrying out a three-hour test on the system - the competent person, or a contractor?

Answer: Clause 7.1 of BS 5226-8 requires the occupier/owner of the premises to appoint a competent person to supervise the testing and servicing of the emergency lighting system. This person should be given sufficient authority to ensure the carrying out of any work necessary to maintain the system in correct operation.

Clause 6.2 of BS 5266-8 requires that, on completion of a yearly inspection and test, a periodic inspection and test certificate should be supplied to the person responsible for the premises based on the model form in Annex H of BS 5266-1: 2011.

Therefore, a professional electrical contractor, competent to carry out the periodic inspection and testing for emergency lighting, is required to carry out the three-hour test.

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