Thursday, 27 June 2013

New Scientist - preview of a decent article

EVERY generation likes to blow the young 'uns' minds with tales of the bad old days. For today's 30-somethings, it is the era before cellphones and the internet, when people were sometimes out of contact for, like, hours at a time. For those a little older, it is when televisions were black and white, only had two channels, and few could afford one.

By the middle of the century, today's pre-schoolers will have their own tales to tell the kids: perhaps of a bleak time when electricity was piped to our homes from dirty great power stations, few people made their own electricity let alone stored it, and nobody had even thought of using the car to power the washing machine.

The kids of the 2060s will roll their eyes and get back to whatever kids spend their time doing by then. But they might be the beneficiaries of one ...

exciting times ahead...

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