Monday, 10 June 2013

what has the potential to be a better energy saver than PV???

Anyone know the answer?

Woolgar Electrical can help you to slash electricity costs.

guess how? - voltage optimisation as part of a wider energy management initiative includeding LED lighting, lighting sensors, timers and controls.

we could cut you power requirements by over 15% with VO contributing almost half of the savings.

how does it work? the technology capitalises on the fact that supply voltages are often higher than the 220 volts that modern electrical equipment is designed to use to ensure customers furthest from the electricity sub station get enough power.

Users closest to the sub-station could be getting as much as 250 volts, Typically, that means their equipment runs hotter, which shortens its life in addition to wasting electricity.

voltage optimisers work by matching the supply voltage to the voltage needed to run electrical appliances, reducing waste and increasing the lifespan of equipment.

can we help?

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