Friday, 12 July 2013

E.on free light bulb blunder to cost firm £3m

E.on has agreed to pay £2.5 million to help some of its most vulnerable customers and been fined £500,000 after it inaccurately reported how many free light bulbs it gave out as part an energy efficiency scheme.

Under the Government's Carbon Emissions Reductions Target (Cert), large energy suppliers had to deliver energy efficiency measures to consumers in Britain – including distributing free energy-saving bulbs to households (see our Cheap Energy Club for help getting the cheapest energy tariff).

E.on said it distributed 3.4 million bulbs in 2010. But regulator Ofgem found that figure included bulbs which turned up in shops in Ireland, as well as others for which E.on couldn't provide evidence they had actually been given away.

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