Monday, 15 July 2013

OHMS Law vs Voltage Optomisation

What about Ohms Law?
Some doubt the effectiveness of Voltage Optimisation as they believe it may contravene ‘ Ohms Law’, this is not the case as the example below highlights:
  1. • If we take a load with a constant resistance of 100 Ohms, Ohms Law is V=IR
  2. • Suppose the voltage is 250V. Then the equation becomes 250 = I x 100. Therefore the current, I=250/100 or 2.5A
  3. • Now consider reduction of the voltage to 220V. As resistance is constant the current, I, now equals 220/100 or 2.2A
  4. • In this example power = volts x current, so when the voltage was 250V the power is 250x2.5 or 0.625kW whereas for the 220v example the power consumed is 220 x 2.2 or 0.484kW
  5. • And of course it is kWh that we are billed for 

Voltage Optimisation reduces the work done by appliances, this does not in any way reduce their usefulness and it & also contributes to a longer lifespan

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