Friday, 16 August 2013

Got a fake charger? is it safe

Mobile phone users are being warned about the serious risks of buying fake chargers as safety experts fear a growing number are ending up in homes.

The Electrical Safety Council (ESC) says the counterfeit chargers are now one of the main fake electrical products entering the country and have given some people electric shocks or even started fires.

There is possibly going to be an increase in the problem due to them agreeing to sell mobile phones without the chargers in the box and that's to comply with European mandate to reduce electrical waste

This is why we're working with the mobile phone operators and doing as much as we can to raise awareness of the situation to ensure that people aren't lured into purchasing substandard and counterfeited products.

Katie Vines, from Bristol, paid less then a fiver for a phone charger online.

It was plugged in close to her baby's cot when it exploded. The seller sent her a replacement but the second charger was also faulty and blew up.

According to the ESC, more than four million counterfeit goods were seized in the UK last year - with mobile phone chargers now one of the top electrical fakes.

stay safe - its not worth buying a fake. we have seen the results. when they go bang it its spectacular, very dangerous and generally leave quote a carbon scar on the socket

Is it worth it? we don't think so?

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