Sunday, 11 August 2013

Home Safety

We are not going to try and scare you spouting statistic, we all know electricity can be Dangerous and if not done right can hurt your family

Woolgar Electrical offers simple advice to help you to keep yourself, your loved ones and your homes safe from electrical accidents and fires.

We have a range of services that generally starts with a test

You MOT your car because you have to. You MOT your home because you need to
A MOT Test will
• Details if there is anything in your home that is dangerous
• Look for warning signs of things you need to keep an eye on.
• check you are not overloading sockets or doing other things that add to risk
• Let you know if you are using electricity safely outside.
• Tell you how up to date your electrics are so you can plan for the future
click the Link to MOT your Home
We only operate an emergency service over the weekend so we will call you back on Monday if you fill this out at the weekend
Our emergency number is 07746 243 248 (out of office hours and weekends)

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