Saturday, 7 September 2013

Aico 140 Series alarms just got better

Aico has updated its 140 Series smoke and heat alarms to allow for full compatibility with its alarm control switches.

The 140RC Series, as it has now been updated!

With best practice supporting larger alarm systems comprising three, four or more smoke and heat alarms interconnected, more frequently also with CO alarms, improved control functions are vital to ensure the system is easy for you to use.

Aico do a range of simple to use wall mounted alarm control switches to allow you to test and silence all alarms, as well as locate the exact alarm that has triggered the system. In the case of a mixed fire and CO system, the locate feature is vital if the resident is to take the correct course of action, i.e. turn off appliances, ventilate the property and call a registered engineer if it is a CO leak or leave the property immediately if it is a fire and call emergency services.

alarm control switches were originally designed for use with Aico’s 160RC Series mains powered alarms, which feature 10 year rechargeable Lithium cell back up.

got a concrete flat or laminate floor everywhere??? 140RC mains powered smoke and heat alarms can also be wirelessly interconnected by installing on Ei168RC RadioLINK bases. This means that all the alarms on the system communicate with each other by radio frequency (RF) signals, saving time and money over traditional hard wired systems.


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