Friday, 27 September 2013

Ban on parking camera cars

Earlier today I was in Aragon's offices and their reception TV showed the Central Beds CCTV parking camera passing the Post Office on the BBC News channel

The same camera that fined Simon Houfe (Local celebrity) despite it being impossible for him to get out of his drive without stopping to close the gates - such is the intelligence of the operators.

Now it seems Councils in England could be banned from using CCTV and so-called 'spy cars' to issue parking fines under new government proposals.

what if it was illegal in the first place??? will everyone get their fines refunded???

CCTV should only be used to tackle crime and not to raise money. CCTV should not be considered part of a revenue stream, only a management tool.

Local Government Association argues that mobile cameras play an important role in keeping roads clear and pedestrians safe.

we say you will have to think again.

Fixed cameras and spy cars used to catch people parking illegally could be banned in England.

its time to rein in over-zealous and unfair rules

Static and car mounted cameras have been used to issue more than 10 million fines, totalling £301m, in the past five years

Some 75 councils currently have permission to use CCTV cameras or "approved devices" to enforce parking restrictions, under Labour's 2004 Traffic Management Act.

In these areas, a third of all parking fines are now issued via CCTV rather than by parking wardens

A study by the Audit Commission found one in three councils was earning more money through parking charges and school meals than council tax.

that cant be right...

What really irritates us is the street-level hostility we feel is being waged against us. just let us do our jobs and allow a reasonable degree of flexibility for doing jobs in UK businesses.

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