Monday, 30 September 2013

Electrical safety in the workplace: Not someone else's job

do you think of electrical safety as "someone else's job."

If you want to stay safe, it is not.

In reality, everyone in the workplace should view electrical safety as their responsibility. Electrical hazards cause multiple deaths and injuries in the workplace each year.

Dangers can hide under desks, behind photocopiers, It takes everyone's involvement to keep the workplace safe.

In many workplaces, there's never a socket outlet where it's needed. Solution: extension leads, right?

Although they can be used temporarily, the safest permanent solution involves moving the work station or installing a socket.

Business MOT - time to check your electrics

When cold weather bears down on us, the use of panel and fan heaters is a common solution to a chilly workplace. Much like extension leads, view these as a temporary solution.

To keep your workplace safe, consider these tips:
· Keep space heaters at least a metre from combustible materials.
· Do not use extension leads with space heaters.
· Avoid using a space heater with a damaged lead.
· Keep heaters on a flat, level surface.
· Avoid the use of a heater in a damp area. - sort out the damp

Never underestimate the power of your senses. If a piece of equipment looks, sounds, or smells odd, or feels hot, carefully unplug it and call a your safety supervisor

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