Thursday, 19 September 2013

Future is Electric Vehicles says Government - What About HGV’s

The relentless drive to bring down the ecological costs of road use (not to mention the financial ones) are these days uppermost in the minds of Transport Managers and others associated with the road haulage industry. The need to be Green is necessary to save money when hauling freight and to present an acceptable face to a customer base ever keener to reinforce its own supply chain’s environmental credentials.

Firstly, on Wednesday (18th September) the Energy Trust will conduct a webinar aimed at making vehicle fleets more efficient – in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee! From 1:30 to 2pm the Trust will endeavour to impart ways that drivers and operators can cut fleet costs and emissions. You can reserve your (virtual) seat by registering.,1RSI9,AIM8DX,6BHLM,1

On a broader note, the recent Low Carbon Vehicle Event 2013 at the Millbrook Proving Ground saw almost 2,000 people study the work of over 150 exhibitors. Obviously most eyes were drawn to the more obvious exhibits (a Morgan electric sports car has an almost irresistible appeal) but many in the transport industry are more concerned with the possible application of technology to the haulage sector. Transport Minister Norman Baker, launching the Government’s strategy to drive forward the ultra-low emission vehicles, spoke at the event.

Department for Transport (DfT) statistics calculate that Britain’s commercial vehicles account for 20% of the greenhouse gas emissions on the country’s roads (that’s about 4% of the UK’s overall emissions) and more needs to be done to target reducing pollution from the sector.

A recent test in Gothenburg using a cross section of 400 haulage vehicles achieved a 30% reduction in emissions during the three year trial. The biggest drop by far was when operators exchanged diesel trucks for those using alternative fuels such as biodiesel, biogas or dimethyl ether, using hybrid technology or selecting vehicles able to run on methane/diesel fuel.

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